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I'm Omichi, the engineer responsible for the development of the buzzer for road bikes.
I myself have loved road bikes for about 10 years as a hobby as well as a commute option. This among other things motivated me to develop this product for all road bike lovers.

The beginning of GENTZ

GENTZ was developed from the desire to keep the sleek form of road bikes.
I personally think the beautiful form of a road bike has been preserved with thorough detail while pursuing functionality.
How can we equip a roadbike with a buzzer without spoiling its beautiful form?
Finally, I came up with the idea of inserting a buzzer into the drop handlebars.

The meaning of GENTZ

The brand "GENTZ" is named after "GENTLE" and "BUZZER".
Gentleman comes from the saying; "Be a gentleman if you ride a bike". A gentleman shall keep the rules.
I think the act itself of safely mounting a GENTZ to your roadbike and consciously following the rules of the road is gentlemanly conduct as well as the fact that GENTZ does not spoil the beauty of road bikes.

The future of GENTZ

In Japan, it is required by law to equip your roadbike with a buzzer, however, I think that few people have a buzzer on their road bikes.
It may be because that there weren’t any inconspicuous buzzers available to match the beauty of expensive road bikes.
Recently, we could find some buzzers suitable for road bikes. As a competing product, I hope "GENTZ" is used by many people and becomes a tool that improves the safe environment of road bike riders and pedestrians around them.