Product Name : GENTZ

  • Made in Japan
  • The industry's first buzzer exclusively for road bikes, built into the handlebar end.
  • Only 14g, a simple and light model.
  • A full charge lasts 300 days for 30 seconds of daily usage.
  • Attached to the inner diameter of the handlebar.
  • Adopting 4kHz frequency band that is easy to hear.

*Specifications may be changed without prior notice.



The sleek form of the roadbike is preserved. This buzzer does not spoil the form of a beautiful road bike. Can also be used as a communication tool when riding in a group.

Inserts into the end of drop handlebar.

Successfully maintains clean curves around the handlebar without spoiling the original form when inserting the buzzer into the endcap housing of the drop handlebar.

Easier to hear

Adopts a 4.0kHz frequency band, which is the most sensitive area in the audible range. Furthermore, gives off the same sound level compared with other tested bells from our competitors.

Long-lasting battery

It uses a lithium-ion battery to achieve long life operation. Lasts 300 days if used 30 seconds per day.



Weight 14 g
Maximum operating time 300 days (if used for 30 seconds per day)
POWER Lithium ion battery
Attached to the inner diameter of the handlebar 18.5 mm to 21.0 mm
Frequency 4.0 khz
Sound pressure 74 db
**All testing measured 1 meter away from sound source
Supported bikes Raod Bike
Contents of Package A buzzer and an endcap
**USB cable sold separately.
USB Type Micro B